Welcome to Missouri State!  We believe that you have chosen a great place to further your education!  My niece just had to go through these major decisions since graduating high school.  She too will be coming to Missouri State this fall.  After walking through all these decisions with her, I can understand some of the pressures you all have faced and you haven’t began your first classes.

What we as a campus ministry want to do is to help you face a tough spiritual climate as you walk through even more major decisions that will come.  After earning my degree at Missouri State, I remember facing heavy decisions that would ultimately effect my future.  The strength and courage to face these decisions wouldn’t have happened had I not found a faith community on campus.

Here at Adolos, our hope is that you will find a community so close that you see a family.  We also hope that you will be able to grow in your knowledge of Jesus Christ as we walk through all of the things that life hurls at us.  We also know that Adolos may not be for you.  Can I just say that is ok?  We have many other campus ministries on campus that do a GREAT job!  In that, our hope is that you will find a faith community that challenges you in your faith journey.

Our summer Lifegroups are underway and meet at 7 every Monday night at our facilities at 906 S. National Ave. Springfield, MO 65804.  Come by and let us get a chance to meet you before the chaos of the new semester.  If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at chris@adolos.org or our phone number is 417-869-9329.


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