Join the Springfield bsu Advocates

What is a Springfield BSU Advocate?

Springfield BSU advocates are individuals, ministry and community leaders who believe in the mission of the Springfield BSU and advocate on their behalf.

A Springfield BSU Advocate pleads, defends, supports, and promotes the interests of the Springfield BSU.

  1. Pleads – takes action to make an emotional or earnest appeal on behalf of the Springfield BSU.
  2. Defends – protects the Springfield BSU from harm or danger.
  3. Supports – bears all or part of the weight.
  4. Promotes – commits to further the progress and advance the mission of the Springfield BSU to transform student’s lives through Christ.

What does it mean to be a Springfield BSU Advocate?

  • Serve as a support system to the Springfield BSU leadership team.
  • Gather annually to celebrate the success of the Springfield BSU.
  • Accept a fundraising goal to give or get $100 per month or $1,000 in annual support through one or more of the following avenues:
    • Corporate monthly or annual gift
    • Church monthly or annual gift
    • A personal monthly or annual contribution
    • Host an event in your home, church or business
    • Invite other business, church or personal contacts to give
  • Allow the use of your name or company affiliation to promote the Springfield BSU.
  • Invite friends, family and contacts to support the Springfield BSU.

Benefits of being a Springfield BSU Advocate:

  • Direct ability to impact the mission of the Springfield BSU to transform the lives of college students throughout the Springfield Area
  • Ability to use your skills and talents on the university mission field.
  • Opportunity to speak and connect with university students as they make many of the most important decisions of their lives (i.e. faith, career, spouse, ministry, etc.).
  • Direct access to the Springfield leadership team to share the impact of college ministry to your team, family, friends, congregation, etc.